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Adoption Information and Adoption Referrals

There Are Families Waiting to Adopt Your Child

Every day, children are adopted by caring families into loving homes. Adoption can sometimes be the best solution to an unplanned pregnancy, but often it is not even considered. For the pregnant woman who is not ready or equipped to be a parent, adoption provides a positive life-giving solution to a difficult situation. For those who otherwise may not be able to have children, adoption can bring unimaginable joy. And for children, adoption can provide care they may not have otherwise received. More importantly, it may have saved them from being aborted. (Twila's Story)

No federal agency has collected statistics on adoption since 1975 -- making it difficult to know how many actual adoptions occur annually. Estimates put the number at about 130,000 a year. In a nation where more than a million children are aborted annually, adoption is an option that is often overlooked by women who are facing a crisis pregnancy. These statistics are unsettling considering that for every newborn released for adoption, there are 30 to 40 couples waiting.... (RTL Michigan)

In our area there are several adoption agencies that can provide you adoption information and help you through the adoption process, adoption financial assistance, adoption referrals and adoption placement.

Right to Life of Michigan Resources

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