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Pregnant at 6 Weeks

Your Child At 6 Weeks

• Lungs are beginning to form

• Eyes and nostrils are visible

• Taste buds and teeth are beginning to


Your Symptoms At 6 Weeks

Can you believe that just a few short weeks ago you were wondering if you were really pregnant? Chances are, by now your body is letting you know loud and clear (and if not now, soon). Sure, some of these signature first-trimester symptoms can be a bit jarring -- the exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, super-sore breasts, headaches, constipation, faintness, and mood swings -- but try to go with the flow and look on the bright side. Your body's doing some complex work in there, and most of the symptoms should subside in a few weeks. The tricky thing about this pregnancy stage, of course, is that you probably haven't spilled your secret to the world just yet. (Source:

Pregnant at 6 Weeks

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