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Right to Life Presentations and Scripts

The Story of Right to Life is a PowerPoint presentation for use in churches and group settings to educate about what it means to be prolife and the work of Right to Life groups. This is a story about relationships. And, as such, it’s a story about us all. It’s as broad as the human journey, for it is woven into the fabric of our deepest issues. Human rights, preventing violence, child abuse and caring for the terminally ill are all spokes of the same wheel. And at the center of this wheel is the respect for human life.

In the Image of God stresses that all life comes from our creator.  In that way, we are called to protect the least among us, the unborn child. This PowerPoint briefly describes how abortion became legal in the United States, its impact on our nation and the developmental facts and pictures which show us that unborn children are human, too. 

Cruel and Usual Punishment is a PowerPoint presentation that contrasts the wonder of fetal development with the brutality of abortion. The presentation does not utilize any graphic abortion photos but does provide detailed descriptions of abortion procedures used and compares them with detailed facts about fetal development.

What Lies Beneath gives a broad introduction to the history and practices of Planned Parenthood. Contrary to the public image of a trusted health care provider, Planned Parenthood has a troubling history as the nation's largest provider and promoter of abortion.

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