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Right to Life Apologetics

Right to Life Apologetics Links

LiveAction has videos that cover the following topics: 

  "My Body My Choice"

  "No One Knows When Life Begins"

  "I'm Personally Pro-Life But ..."

  "A Fetus Is Not A Person"

  "Abortion Will Stop Overpopulation"

  "Women Will Die From Illegal Abortions"

  "Abortion In The Case of Rape"

  "Abort Babies With Terminal Diagnosis"

  "Babies With Disabilities Are Better Off Aborted"

  "Abortion Can Be Medically Necessary"

  "Abortion Is a Constitutional Right"

Right to Life of Michigan has a series of articles titled "Top 10 Abortion Myths" which include:

  #10: Late-term abortions are only for health problems
  #9: Abortion is a small part of Planned Parenthood’s services
  #8: Women pregnant through rape all have abortions
  #7: Most women support abortion
  #6: Late-term abortions are rare
  #5: Prolife people don’t care about the baby after it’s born
  #4: Abortion has no side effects for women
  #3: Elective abortions are only legal in the first trimester
  #2: Millions of women died in back alley abortions

  #1: An Unborn Child Isn't a Person

LifeSiteNews has an article titled "The Ultimate Guide to Why Abortion is Wrong and How to Argue in Favor of Life" written by Randy Alcorn. Topics include the following:

 Part 1: Why talk about abortion?

 Part 2: The human embryo is just a clump of cells

 Part 3: The fetus may be a human but it isn't a person

 Part 4: A woman has a right to choose to control her own body

 Part 5: We need abortion in the cases of rape or incest

 Part 6: Every child should be a wanted child

 Part 7: If you make abortion illegal, women will die from back-alley abortions

 Part 8: We need abortion because the world is too overpopulated

 Part 9: Well, I'm personally pro-life but a woman has a right to chose

 Part 10: Opposition to abortion is just a religious opinion

 Part 11: But, the Bible doesn't say anything about abortion

 Part 12: How you can help save women and children from abortion

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