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Notice: Although a non-profit organization, Mecosta/Osceola Right to Life, Inc. supports legislative and constitutional changes to restrict legalized abortion and, as such, is classified as a “social welfare” group by the Internal Revenue Service.  This 501(c)4 classification means that donations received are not considered “charitable contributions” by the I.R.S. and, therefore, are not tax-deductible.

First Screen (Download this HELP document - pdf)

1. Enter the amount you wish to donate. There is no minimum.

2. For the "Make this a monthly donation" you will need to setup a PayPal account for use. As scheduled, PayPal will withdraw the amount from your source account and then send it to Mecosta/Osceola RTL's  account. 

3. Select "Donate with Paypal" if you have a PayPal account.

4. or select "Donate with a Debit or Credit Card"

5. Select "Cancel and return to Mecosta/Osceola Right to Life, Inc" to  terminate the transaction

Second Screen

1. If you select a donation option, this screen will display showing what has been entered so far. You can change the amount and select/deselect the monthly option.

2. We do ask you write a note for us. You can specify how the donation should be used. The options are:

    a. "March for Life" The donation will be used to help fund those attendees to the event.

    b. "Focus on Life" The donation will be used to offset our expenses for the event, such as food. You can also use this if you can          not attend the event but would like to "purchase" a table or seat which will also be used to offset expenses. As you know, the          event is to provide funds to Michigan Right to Life Education Fund. If you wish to contribute for that purpose, please go to       for a tax deductible donation.

    c. "Roses" if your church or other organization will not be purchasing and selling roses but would like to offset our cost.

    d. "General Expenses" will be used by our affiliate for advertising, office expenses, etc. This is the default if you do not enter              any of the other options above.

3. Complete the usual requested information

4. Please check "Share your mailing address ...." so we can thank you for your contribution.

5. Complete contact info. 

6. This is a secure transaction, so if you plan on donating in the future you could select "Save this information ..."

When done with this page, close the page on your browser.

If you have any questions, please sent us an email at and we'll schedule a phone call with you.