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What is the purpose of the "Pastor's Fellowship Lunch for Life"?

"Right to Life of Michigan affirms the critical role that people of moral conviction, pastoral leaders, and communities

of faith play in the battle of protecting human life. At the heart of the right to life cause is the biblical and moral truth

that every person is valuable and must be protected at every age and circumstance of life because all human persons are made in the image and likeness of God—granted the unalienable right to life by Him alone. Right to Life of Michigan desires and promotes positive, active, and personal partnerships with faith communities and their leaders."

How can I get involved?

To be successful, our mission, Right to Life, requires teamwork. Teamwork involves understanding the goal, communication among team members, identifying and removing "road blocks", strengthening weaknesses and continually checking progress.


Pastors are key to our success. And we need to understand what they need from us and share with other pastors what has worked well or not. This program is to help us build the team, learn and communicate. 

Our first event is scheduled for June 29 at Liberty Baptist Church. It is a luncheon:

    12:00 - 12:30  Lunch

    12:30 -   1:00  Presentation by Mike Cook, RTL Michigan

      1:00 -   1:30  Questions and discussion

  • make sure your pastor is aware of the event

  • if your pastor is unable to attend, volunteer as a substitute

Notes From June 29 Event


MIchael Cook, Faith Outreach Coordinator,

Right to Life of Michigan

  • Abortion is a Biblical and/or moral issue - not a political issue

  • Satan can not defeat God - only God's people

  • How is he doing? Abortion has changed from​​

    • Unthinkable to 

    • Tolerable to

    • Acceptable to

    • Legal to 

    • Applaudable

  • There are severe penalties for purposefully killing certain wildlife or killing an unborn child from a homicide but not for an abortion

  • Overall there are about 2,800 abortions per day in the US or 2 per minute

    • 61% are are dismemberment​

    • 39% are chemical

    • MI abortion rate are rising particularly among African Americans

  • Discussions need to change from the political "What is the unborn?" to Biblical and/or moral "Who is the unborn?"

  • Faith resources are available.

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