What is the "Focus on Life Dinner"?

Every year each Right to Life Affiliate sponsors a dinner for Michigan Right to Life to

  • update the local affiliate on current issues, particularly legislative issues

  • sponsor a speaker to discuss life issues (see below) and

  • seek contributions to support:

    • media campaigns placing Pro-Life television commercials across the state along with radio commercials in most major markets

    • help Right to Life of Michigan work with more than 150 pregnancy centers, adoption agencies and counseling organizations to provide women and families with medical, material and emotional support

    • provide a 24 hour help line, 1-800-57-WOMAN 

What type of advertising does the funding support?

Here are some examples:

This Year's Event

2021 "FOCUS ON LIFE" Benefit Dinner Monday, October 11, 2021 

with Guest Speaker Roger Stanwick


Roger Stanwick is a post-abortive man who deeply regrets his involvement nearly 40 years ago. He believes abortion is also a man's issue because they too suffer the loss, guilt, regret and sorrow that follows. 

After 25 years of denial, Roger now speaks at churches and prolife events. Roger was the past President of Cross Roads Ministries, a board member of New Life Pregnancy Center and President of Gaylord Right to Life.

Through his testimony, Roger hopes to be an example to those who have been involved in an abortion by helping to find the forgiveness and peace they are seeking. Come hear his journey as he hopes to change the hearts and minds of those who are undecided or who support abortion.

Download event flyer

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The Lodge at CranHill Ranch

14444 17 Mile Rd

Rodney, MI  49342


How can I get involved?

This event requires the contributions of many volunteers. We need help with:

  • advertising and selling tickets through your church (usually $150 for table of 6 or $25 per attendee)

  • contact your family and pro-life friends particularly those that may be dealing with end of life issues

  • look for sponsorhips

You can complete the volunteer form and we will contact you with further details and scheduling.